The fundamental mission of a supplier of electric power and/or natural gas is to identify for its customers, as quickly as possible, the most efficient way to access such resources, in terms of profitability.

Arelco POWER

ARELCO POWER is a wholly privately owned company founded in 2003, having as the main object of activity the sale of electric power. In 2007, together with the opening of the natural gas market, the company extended its activity by obtaining the license to supply natural gas.

The main activities carried out so far have established ARELCO POWER as a partner that honours its contracts and commitments, offering reliability, efficiency and respect for the client.

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Electric power

ARELCO POWER supplies electric power under the authority of License No. 1014/06.2011 granted by ANRE (National Energy Regulatory Authority) for a period of 10 years, by Decision No. 1277/01.06.2010.

Our company is registered and is actively participating in the OPCOM – The Romanian Power Market Operator for: Day Ahead Market (DAM/PZU), Green Certificates Market (PCCV), Centralized Market for Electricity – Bilateral Contracts (CMCB), including Continuous Negotiation Mechanism (CMCB-CN).

If in the first years our activity was mainly focused on trading, starting from the second semester of 2007, we began to focus more on electric power supply [...]

Natural gas

ARELCO POWER (formerly ARELCO Distribuție) has been an active presence on the natural gas market ever since 2007, when this market was liberalized.

The natural gas delivery targets both the consumers and the wholesale market, where contracts are concluded with other suppliers.

The sold gas amount registered a steady growth, based on attracting competitive gas sources and selling them to the portfolio clients at reasonable prices. [...]