The fundamental mission of a supplier of electric power and/or natural gas is to identify for its customers, as quickly as possible, the most efficient way to access such resources, in terms of profitability.

Natural gas delivery

ARELCO POWER (formerly ARELCO Distribuție) has been an active presence on the natural gas market since 2007, together with the liberalization of this market.

The delivery of natural gas focuses both on the consumers and on the wholesale market, where contracts with other suppliers are concluded.

Annual volume of sales

The volumes of natural gas sold are constantly growing, based on finding competitive gas sources and selling them at reasonable prices to the portfolio clients.

Through its activity on the Romanian market, ARELCO POWER aims at developing long-term stable business relationships, while striving to offer the most advantageous solutions for its partners in this respect.

Reporting performance standard

Delivery to eligible consumers

In its contractual relationship with the consumers, ARELCO POWER has assumed the role of a responsible partner, by supporting the safe and continuous supply of natural gas, at the lowest possible costs, thanks to the competitive gas resources it has at its disposal.

By adjusting its products to the consumers' requirements, our company currently has a portfolio of clients from various sectors – electric power generation, chemical industry, machine building, food industry etc.

We offer to our consumers the opportunity to conclude a whole range of regulated contracts (transport, natural gas distribution) on their behalf, along with access to the most advantageous sources of natural gas from both the domestic and the foreign market, in the structures approved by The Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE).

Every year, ARELCO POWER has signed contracts for underground storage to ensure its clients the safe supply of gas during wintertime too. In addition, consumers always benefit from expert advice regarding legal regulations in the field of natural gas.

Gas consumption in Romania – 2012 and the market share of ARELCO POWER