The fundamental mission of a supplier of electric power and/or natural gas is to identify for its customers, as quickly as possible, the most efficient way to access such resources, in terms of profitability.

About us

ARELCO POWER (formerly ARELCO Distribuție) has been acting as a supplier of electric power on the Romanian competitive market since 2003 and, since 2007, as a supplier of natural gas.

The company is entirely privately owned. The management team has more than five years' experience in their current positions and has proven capable of adapting to the significant changes that have taken place on the two markets we operate. The evolution of the turnover, especially in the supply of natural gas, is based on taking the opportunity created by the interconnection of natural gas delivery networks and on the deliveries on the western border of Romania.

According to data provided by the ANRE, we have a 1% market share in the supply of electric power. Our company has not had on-going bilateral purchase contracts with electric power producers with state majority capital and has continued to diversify its sources of supply. Strengthening the financial data allows us to successfully participate in tenders organized by economic operators/consumers for the supply of electric power and natural gas. In the interest of our clients, we have established nationwide collaborations, and we are currently working with all of the 8 distribution operators that act regionally and we have not recorded any payment incident, nor have we exceeded the payment due dates towards them or the operator of the transport system.

In the field of natural gas deliveries, we conduct specific activities by responsibly undertaking the role of partner for our consumer clients, supporting the safe and continuous delivery of natural gas.

Taking advantage of the opening of the Szeged-Arad natural gas pipeline, ARELCO POWER has been importing a significant amount of natural gas through this route/pipeline (one of the first importers to do so) since September 2011. We consider these import operations to be a success because we have created the first premises for a substantial competition for the delivery of imported natural gas, also generating price falls in a market that has been so far relying only on deliveries from the eastern border of Romania.

By directly attracting funding, we are able to establish stocks of gas in underground storages, as an alternative option to ensuring delivery in winter time and avoiding crises which may be caused by bad weather or interruptions of deliveries of imported gas.

The consumers to whom we supply energy or natural gas operate in different economic sectors, namely the chemical industry, milling and bakery, animal husbandry, food and fuel production, electric power production, store chains (retail), office buildings and industrial parks.