The fundamental mission of a supplier of electric power and/or natural gas is to identify for its customers, as quickly as possible, the most efficient way to access such resources, in terms of profitability.

Administrator's Statement

ARELCO POWER's principal aim is to maintain its position as one of the top suppliers of natural gas and electric power in Romania, through the quality of its services, reliability, performance and loyalty to clients and partners in terms of efficiency and profitability.

The implementation of this policy is based on the design, implementation, certification and maintenance of an integrated quality and environmental management system SR EN ISO 9001:2008, SR EN ISO 14001:2005, conducive to achieving the following goals:

To maintain and improve the QEMS, we have appointed the Management's Quality and Environment Representative (MQER), who is responsible for implementing, maintaining and continually improving the integrated quality and environment management system.

Each employee of ARELCO POWER is responsible for the quality of the services rendered, for ensuring the continuous operation and improvement of the integrated quality and environment management system across the entire organization. We are concerned with placing the client at the core of all the company's processes, while observing regulatory and environmental requirements.

As Administrator of ARELCO POWER, I take full responsibility for ensuring the availability of the material and human resources required to achieve these goals, as well as to continually improve performances in order to protect the environment and fight against pollution and for complying with the legal and regulatory requirements as well as with other applicable requirements.